Cuando las películas votan

Lecciones de ciencias sociales a través del cine

Cuando las películas votan -  AA.VV. - Catarata
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Tapa Blanda

Would you go to the movies with an evil professor? This book is a cheeky invitation to do so by the hand of a heterodox and heterogeneous group of scholars with different training in the social sciences (political scientists, sociologists, jurists, historians, social communicators...). Through eighteen glances on different films and series (Dogville, Star Wars, The Battle of Algiers, Mad Men or Spartacus, among others), When the films vote explore crucial notions of politics to understand the world in which we live. At a time when political discourse is a form of action, these reflections on cinema want to emerge from the paralysis of this time of crisis where the increasingly pressing problem is not that the old does not end out of leaving or that the new does not end up arriving, but that the monsters seem increasingly evident.


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Book: Cuando las películas votan

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