Cuatro ensayos espirituales

Cuatro ensayos espirituales - Ralph Waldo Emerson - Me cayó el veinte
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Me cayó el veinte

"The scholar and student of thinking does not have a monopoly of wisdom. To some extent, the violence of their prescription disqualifies them to think truly ".

Among other ideas, it stands out for its forcefulness: her Emerson puts everyone in place and points to the place where you can seek wisdom. It is one of the thoughts of a simple, everyday, sensitive man who knew how to capture the human soul and be inspiring source of many reflections on the man and his mission.

Emerson represents, for thinking of modern man, an oasis in the desert: his personal asceticism is manifested clearly in the four trials that we included in this edition. The thread that unites them is the exaltation of the spirit and supreme individuality, and promotion of beauty as a possibility of redemption under a solid principle: its absolute rejection of any form of limitation. Emerson draws the more


Book: Cuatro ensayos espirituales

ISBN: 9786077694090