Cuento de invierno

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"The Winter Tale" is surely William Shakespeare's penultimate play. Written in the midst of its author's poetic heyday, it seems that, with it, he would have wanted to expressly mock all literary conventions. Because, if in his plays Shakespeare always tended to gather disparate elements, in this one he surpassed himself. It co-exists fantasy and realism, tragedy and comedy, court and field, nobility and picaresque, Greek antiquity and Elizabethan modernity, and also contains a good number of curiosities and wonders, including the scenic presence of a bear and a statue that comes to life. The action takes place in two times with an interval of sixteen years and alternates between Sicily and Bohemia. Inspired by tragicomedy romance, it treats relationships between parents and children in a plot of loss and recovery, discord and reconciliation, involving supernatural elements. Given more


Book: Cuento de invierno

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