Cuentos fantásticos

Cuentos fantásticos - Ludwig Tieck - Nórdica
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We present in this book three of the most important texts written by Ludwig Tieck, one of the fundamental writers of German Romanticism. Precisely with Eckbert the blonde, 1797, Tieck configured a narrative form that was a decided turn for romantic prose: the Novelle. The novel will allow the author to enter the psyche and the soul of the characters and show their darker and more sublime sides. In addition to Eckbert the blonde, they compose this book The Mountain of the Runes and The Elves. In these short novels the marvelous thing breaks into the daily life of the human being with catastrophic consequences. In each story it will be the appearance of fantastic beings and the breach of the unwritten rules that dictate those encounters that will unleash the terrible events.



Book: Cuentos fantásticos

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