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Sometimes the shadow of a novel, or a handful of books, obscures the figure of an author. This would be the case of Aldous Huxley, who for decades is the one who wrote "A Happy World," and also "New Visit to a Happy World," "The Genie and the Goddess" and "The Gates of Perception." There is no discussion about the fame that these titles deserve, but how they relegated other virtuous texts. At least in Spanish. Only a few years ago a beautiful compilation of his essays was published in this same collection: "If my library burned tonight". Now comes the turn of stories, a genre that allowed Huxley to exploit his talents and obsessions (art education, travel, estrangement from the everyday), without ingenuity or grandiloquence, with a prose that paints a situation and always leaves latent a mystery, a rest that captivates and retains us and makes us docile prisoners of fiction. Selected, more


Book: Cuentos selectos

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