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Cuentos - Julio Cortázar - Galaxia Gutenberg
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Julio Cortázar (Brussels, 1914-Paris, 1984) is undoubtedly one of the greatest contemporary writers. We are therefore pleased to make the entire work available to the reader. Nobody can nor should ignore Cortázar, deprive himself of the extraordinary, of the amazing wealth that this work offers. She is essential to every reader who seeks the disturbing power of a fantasy that, from the immediate real, projects to other planes, hints at other presences, reveals strange powers, hints at an order that is both mysterious and very human. But Cortázar is also the persecutor of the absolute, the nonconformist who wants to change literature because he wants to change life. It seeks to dislodge, to get us out of the box, to disrupt social and mental routines. He seeks with his fictions to enable us to make full use of our will, to broaden our faculties, to awaken our sleeping attributes, to more


Book: Cuentos

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