Cuerpo y transgresión en la modernidad

Cuerpo y transgresión en la modernidad -  AA.VV. - Itaca
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Although the five texts that make up this notebook are made from different perspectives and deal with different themes, all of them converge in discussing, on the one hand, and criticizing, on the other, the modern conception of the body, which can be traced as a great range from condemnation of their possible pleasure to accusations of corruption, through mechanisms of repression that can be as ruthless as persecution and genocide. They also help to understand that what is sometimes perceived as transgression is actually a resistance mechanism that invariably appeals to Eros as the very expression of life. Reflecting on the subject, and remembering the excesses that a certain modern practice incurs, helps not only to understand and resist, but also and above all it encourages to change the direction in which the world and the country walk; a course that, as you look in any direction, more


Book: Cuerpo y transgresión en la modernidad

ISBN: 9786070271182