Cuervo: naturaleza, historia y simbolismo

Cuervo: naturaleza, historia y simbolismo - Boria Sax - Siruela
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The crow is one of the most intelligent, graceful and mysterious creatures on our planet. Bearers of a symbolic and spiritual charge as powerful as it is varied, these birds have played a leading role throughout history in a wide range of cultures: From China to that of the Indians of the North American plains, crows are messengers of prophecies; in Greece, due to their courtship dances and monogamous unions, they were invoked at weddings as a symbol of conjugal love, and in the Viking worldview they were He associated them with the supreme god Odin.

Boria Sax studies in this book the preponderant role of the raven in myths, art or literature: from the raven that Noah sent to the corvid deities of the Eskimos, Taoist legends, Victorian novels and contemporary feature films. A passionate and essential work for anyone who has ever felt intrigued, perplexed, upset or enraptured more


Book: Cuervo: naturaleza, historia y simbolismo

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