Cuestión de valores

Cuestión de valores - Morris Berman - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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The thought of Morris Berman has been for years as a chip embedded in the image of greatness and complacency professed most of his fellow Americans. With a voice, sharp and original, he has explored the historical and cultural reality, shedding light on uncomfortable phenomena that often go unnoticed for most of the population. As he says in one of the essays that make up this book: "If one insists that the dominant culture is crippled ontologically, it is unlikely that culture stand and applaud." This volume contains twenty-eight trials whose theme is research on issues of importance to understand the structural crisis of the contemporary world. Berman draws a sharp line between the founding principles of the great superpower, the United States and its rapid downward path; It shows forcefully that the expansionist desire was contained from its origins in the vision of the emerging more


Book: Cuestión de valores

ISBN: 9786077781103