Cuestiones cartesianas

Cuestiones cartesianas - Jean Luc Marion - Prometeo
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Tapa Blanda

This book is the first volume of the "Cartesian Questions", first published in France in 1991, and dedicated, as its subtitle indicates, to the relationship, or better, to the successive relationships along the Cartesian corpus, between method and metaphysics. Although they are presented as a compilation of autonomous studies, and they are such, the significance of these questions and the radicality of the questioning they raise, must be understood by their place in the entirety of the work that Marion dedicated to the philosophy of Descartes, that is, in a double continuity. First, these issues are not finished here and continue in another volume, published five years later under the same title and dedicated to the two entes (ego and God) that stand, alternatively, in principles of Cartesian metaphysics. In turn, all the Cartesian questions continue, without losing their autonomy, more


Book: Cuestiones cartesianas

ISBN: 9789875744639