Cuestiones fundamentales de sociología

Cuestiones fundamentales de sociología - Georg Simmel - Editorial Gedisa
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In Fundamental Questions of Sociology, text hitherto unpublished in Spanish, Simmel places the research field of this discipline as the intermediate space where the constant flow of social interaction occurs, where encounters generate attitudes and rituals, both in anticipated situations as casual and spontaneous. That is why Simmel includes phenomena hitherto neglected in his sociological perspective, such as secrecy, love, friendship, adornment, dressing, perfumes, hostility, hospitality, fidelity and gratitude.
By avoiding the academic scientific style, Simmel creates a new kind of science, which, starting from an epistemological and ontological interrogation, is able to provide solid cognitive structures about the empirical forms of the social. Hence, his "formal sociology" leads to a "philosophical sociology", from which he poses three major oppositions not overcome: more


Book: Cuestiones fundamentales de sociología

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