Cultivos y alimentos transgénicos

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Cultivos y alimentos transgénicos - Jorge Riechmann - Catarata
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Are living beings comparable to mechanical artifacts that it is lawful to manipulate without limit? Should a handful of chemical transnationals, converted to "life sciences" companies, control for their own benefit the satisfaction of human needs as basic as health and food? Is hunger in the world a technical problem that can be addressed through more productive transgenic harvests? Is it lawful to grant patent exclusive industrial property rights to life, living beings and vital processes? It is these substantive issues that assault us when we reflect on new biotechnologies, and especially genetic engineering. Former Unesco director Federico Mayor Zaragoza said ironically: "Biotechnology is the answer, but what was the question?" This book gives an account of this debate and at the same time aspires to intervene in it, recalling what the questions are.


Book: Cultivos y alimentos transgénicos

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