Cultura de la homofobia y como acabar con ella

Cultura de la homofobia y como acabar con ella - Ramón Martínez - Egales
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Tapa Blanda

What is homophobia really? What is its origin? Who are your culprits? Years after equal marriage, when it might seem that we have achieved equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, we continue to receive news of aggression. Legal reforms are essential, but not enough to change an entire cultural context that continues to favor sexuality over the rest. To eradicate violence we need to reflect deeply on it. Only in this way will it be possible to answer the key question: what can we do to end homophobia?
"With an agile and brisk style, with rigour in the argumentation, incorporating and assuming the irreplaceable optics of the injured, of the victims, this work is an eloquent call to that perseverance, to consider that the struggle for rights is an incessant struggle, an endless struggle, especially when it rises against the wall of cultural patterns of secular more


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Book: Cultura de la homofobia y como acabar con ella

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