Cumbres borrascosas

Cumbres borrascosas - Emily Jane Brontë - Editorial Juventud
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Editorial Juventud
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Tapa Blanda

A tragic story of conflicting passions, in the most conservative rural Victorian England, in which the author lived. Catherine, the daughter of a distinguished family, and Heathcliff, a child gathered by the family, go from being childhood playmates to living a passionate love. The consequences of that impossible love will alter the lives of its protagonists, and also that of their descendants in the form of cruel revenge. First published in 1847, the intensity of feelings of love and hate, the position of the woman and the brutality of the characters, departed from the prevailing style at the time. Although at the time of its publication it went practically unnoticed, today it is considered one of the most important novels of the 19th century. Revised and updated edition.


Book: Cumbres borrascosas

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