El descubrimiento del árbol de la vida

Darwin - Niles Eldredge - Katz
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With his theory of evolution through natural selection, Darwin explained the origin of man through natural processes, thus linking all living beings and giving meaning to life. However, in his day Darwin was not sure whether to make public the theory that made him famous. On his return from the voyage at the Beagle he was unwilling to oppose the creationist ideas prevailing in Great Britain, so it took more than twenty years for the spread of his work. At that time he wrote several notebooks, in which he outlined the theory of natural selection with the help of his observations on the rheas, finches, tortoises, and fossils found in South America and the Galapagos. In Darwin: The Discovery of the Tree of Life, Niles Eldredge reviews those notes for clues that reveal when Darwin ceased to be a curious creationist and became an evolutionist. At one time biography of Darwin and introducti...read more

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Book: Darwin

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