De la economía verde a las sociedades verdes

Reflexiones para el futuro que queremos

De la economía verde a las sociedades verdes - Aitana Uria Gutiérrez - Catarata
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Is the Green Economy the way out of the crisis? Does this new concept replace sustainable development? What are the green economy' implications for human rights, gender equity, taxation or employment? Following the latest United Nations Summit on Sustainable Development, better known as Rio+20, the green economy theme has sparked a great debate about its definition and implementation. Rio+20's final document, The Future We Want, recognizes that the Green Economy is "one of the most important instruments available to achieve sustainable development". However, there are few voices that are reluctant to do so. This book brings together different opinions and approaches from experts from the international, national and local sphere, who present us with the particular vision of the United Nations (UNEP, UNESCO), as well as of civil society organizations and individuals and NGOs to help more


Book: De la economía verde a las sociedades verdes

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