De la fortuna de la amistad

De la fortuna de la amistad - Wilhelm Schmid - Pre-textos
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Cultivate friendship becomes, in any case, an element of the art of life as long as the individual is aware of the essential of this relationship so that life is beautiful and worthwhile to say yes. A full life needs close relationships with others, their closeness, their contact and affection since, in that way, the incomparable wealth of the self and the world will be experienced. Friends can live their intimacy together in such a way that it could be said that, without friends, the self becomes impoverished and desperately remains alone. Even a large part of the meaning of life can be experienced in friendship: friends can in common give meaning to life, although all sense never depends on the success of a single relationship. That is why more and more individuals dedicate, in their lives, renewed attention to the effort to make friends and cultivate friendship. Friendship is more



Book: De la fortuna de la amistad

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