De los Colegios a las Universidades

los jesuitas en el ámbito de la educación superior

De los Colegios a las Universidades -  AA.VV. - Ibero
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Tapa Blanda

The missions and the colleges were the central institutions of the Company in the Old Regime. Although the first accommodated gave them a particular character, the second was the cornerstone of the construction of Jesuit identity, as can be seen in the first part of the book, which addresses various aspects of the formation of this educational complex. In the second part it is realized how the schools became the enclaves for the return of the Company during the 19th century, but how they were also the clearest point of friction between the State Church forces, since education was taken one of the most severe spaces of discussion in the secular world that was established in the West. On the other hand, to this struggle between the secular and the religious should be added a new difficulty that made nineteenth-century colleges an institution almost incommensurable with respect to those more



Book: De los Colegios a las Universidades

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