De qué color son tus secretos?

Cuento para promover la expresión emocional en la infancia, prevenir el abuso sexual y abordarlo de manera natural

De qué color son tus secretos? - Margarita García Marqués - Editorial Sentir
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Editorial Sentir
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Do you have secrets? Do you know what color they are? Learn with Alma how each secret makes you feel, what you can do with them and with whom you have to share them.

Secrecy and silence are the greatest allies of abusers and most use them to keep children silent. This story is created for children to share the secrets that make them feel bad and offer them a space of trust where they can express them.

The author, Margarita García Marqués, thanks to her experience as a psychologist and psychotherapist specializing in child sexual abuse, communication, self-esteem and childhood, offers a useful story to promote emotional expression in childhood, prevent abuse (such as child sexual abuse) and know how to deal with them naturally in children between 3 and 10 years old.

In the story, what color are your secrets? A protagonist close to the child is presented through more


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Book: De qué color son tus secretos?

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