De ruinas y horizontes

De ruinas y horizontes -  AA.VV. - Itaca
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The contributions of Marshall Berman (New York, 1940-2013) wing social theory were substantial. His work continues to be of paramount importance to understand modernity and their meanings. In other words, if we know where it came from and where contemporary thought will re-read all that is solid melts into air (1982) with fresh eyes is indispensable. Generously recognize their strengths and identify its shortcomings honestly. What is sought in these páginases think, against and beyond Berman. The time is ripe. Recent geopolitical changes make it necessary to discuss modern global scale. The city, public space, aesthetics, environment, borders, the show, the changing forms of writing, the revival of the radical left and democracy are issues that must be answered quickly. Twelve essayists were given the task of breaking down the conceptual universe of Berman from multiple perspectives. more

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Book: De ruinas y horizontes

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