De sangre y de sol

De sangre y de sol - Sergio González Rodríguez - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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Sergio González Rodríguez has drawn a clear route between the winding forest to pave the way for those willing to embark on the framework of that enigma called Mexico, which continues to leave puzzled and fascinating anyone who looks to contemplate or experience their way. Blood and sun is a map of the geopolitics of certain symbols and rituals solar, blood and other types that since ancient times have been present in human societies, either openly, as in antiquity, or Veiled, as in our day? And that play an important part in the future and happen of the same. As a background or mythical scenario in which Sergio González Rodríguez weaves the warp composed of the hidden but indelible trace of these ritual beliefs or practices is Mexico, "A tragic country", as defined by Ernst Jünger, that despite numerous attempts at modernization And civilization continues to shelter and coexist with more



Book: De sangre y de sol

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