Deconstruir El Archivo:

La Historia, La Huella, La Ceniza

Deconstruir El Archivo: - Ricardo Nava Murcia - Ibero
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"Why rework today a concept of the archive?" It is a question posed by the French philosopher Jacques Derrida in his book Mal de archivo: is it possible to think historically of the archive? The affirmative answer would have as a condition the possibility to assume the challenge that Derrida makes to the historians; that is, to distinguish the archive from that to which it has been reduced frequently: the memory and the return to the origin; challenge that we can assume by taking the file, not as a repository of memory that safeguards a longed-for identity, nor as the place that protects documents as guarantors of the event, but rather as a reflection on the ways in which we relate to this one when working on the document and writing history books. This work tries to answer this challenge. The objective is to contribute to a theoretical reflection on history and to shift the problem more



Book: Deconstruir El Archivo:

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