Del ars historica a la monumenta historica:

la historia restaurada

Del ars historica a la monumenta historica: -  AA.VV. - Ibero
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The bicentenary of the restoration of the Society of Jesus is an occasion to open a space for reflection on the writing that the Order made of its own history. Precisely, this volume is placed in the transit of two key moments for the understanding of what the writing of the history of the Society of Jesus has been after its restoration: the transit from the ars historica to the Monumenta, in the first place, and that of the emergence of scientific or professional historiography. The contexts of the first, early modernity and with it the progressive emergence of the printed form, and of the second, the nineteenth century and the establishment of modern science, will be the backdrops that account for the changes and permanence in the writing of his history by its own historians. The book is composed of six chapters written by specialists who have touched the historiography of the more



Book: Del ars historica a la monumenta historica:

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