Del Fuego Sagrado a la Acción Cívica

Los católicos frente al estado en Michoacán (1920-1940)

Del Fuego Sagrado a la Acción Cívica - Enrique Guerra Manzo - Itaca
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One part of Mexican historiography claims that the Catholics who confronted the state in the 1920s and 1930s were manipulated by the Church, while another argues that the agrarian peasantry was manipulated from above and used as bait by the army to suffocate the cristeros. Going deeper into the case of Michoacán, the present work provides evidence that both positions are partial; that in the quest to strengthen their power, the State and the Church fought with the masses with intensity (the “fight for souls”); that the State won the battle in the functional sphere (that of the corporate packaging of rural and urban sectors), but not in the spatial sphere, and, finally, that, entrenched around the parish and its cure, Catholicism He managed to resist the strong anticlericalism that arose in that period.

This book describes the Catholic resistance in some regions of Michoacá more


Book: Del Fuego Sagrado a la Acción Cívica

ISBN: 9786072804272