Demonia - Bernardo Esquinca - Almadía
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Tapa Blanda

"The fear of love separation, of planes, of parenthood, of incest, are found in his stories that seek to offer the atmosphere present in the work of one of the main influences of Bernardo Esquinca: the filmmaker David Lynch, especially his conviction that a mystery must not be solved. [Fears are] the path chosen by the writer knowing that many people do not like to look there, where there are keys to understand the complexity of the human being."
Jesús Alejo.
The present set of stories represents one of the most significant voices on the current scene of young national lyrics, a voice that has been characterized by displaying an unusual repertoire of themes that navigate between the terrifying and the fantastic. By reading the seven stories of Demonia we will know the macabre implications of something as everyday as a fly or a book, or the persistence of old family curses more



Book: Demonia

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