Entre el capitalismo y la esquizofrenia

Derrames - Gilles Deleuze - Cactus
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How do you read this? To do an experiment and go obtaining a method. "It's always about flows," says Deleuze. What to do with that statement so that it does not become from subject to subject? A sort of retroactive immediately rebound, liquid bursting against the point after the word "flows" and return as a wave on the statement keeping liquid.
Not so easy to read. Not wonder who said what, what their meaning, which means that concept. Not so easy to read a writing experiment. Reading an experiment, which is a much rarer thing is required.
Spills between capitalism and schizophrenia is the first Spanish edition of Gilles Deleuze classes around the problems, concepts and theses that constitute the Anti-Oedipus / Thousand Plateaus series.
From its unique interpretation of how capitalism and its historical ensemble with psychoanalysis in the field of production and more


Book: Derrames

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