Diálogos con Quetzalcóatl

Humanismo, etnografía y ciencia (1492-1577)

Diálogos con Quetzalcóatl - Jaime Marroquín Arredondo - Ibero Vervuert
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Ibero Vervuert
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The discovery, conquest and colonization of America are recurrent themes in the historiography of the West. Little has been written, however, about the description of the New World, a company that overflowed the intellectual and rhetorical models of antiquity and started modern epistemology. In Dialogues with Quetzalcoatl: Humanism, Ethnography and Science (1492-1577), Jaime Marroquín Arredondo demonstrates that the so-called Scientific Revolution has obvious origins in the ethnographic and natural histories composed by the Spanish and Nahuatl humanists in Mexico-New Spain during the 16th century . In Mexico, the humanists tried to incorporate Mesoamerican science and ethics into the natural and moral philosophy of the West. His expert rhetorical transformation of history into an empirical method of investigating the reality of cultures and the nature of America, contributed without a...read more


Book: Diálogos con Quetzalcóatl

ISBN: 9788484898290