Diario de un don nadie

Diario de un don nadie -  AA.VV. - Nórdica
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«Why should not I publish my diary? I have often seen memories of people I had never heard of, and I can not understand - for the simple reason that I am not "someone" - why my diary should not be interesting. I only regret that I did not start it when I was young. "So begins this hilarious fifteen-month story in the life of Mr. Charles Pooter, an employee of the London City, middle class and with social aspirations. For its pages will appear unforgettable characters like his wife Carrie, or his son Lupine, his friends Mr. Cummings and Mr. Gowing, and Lupine's girlfriend, Daisy Mutlar. The anecdotes recorded in this newspaper are full of innocence and the joy of life of this average employee and his taste for puns and jokes. It is also, unintentionally, an accurate record of the manners, customs and experiences of Londoners of the late Victorian era. This comic novel, written by Georg...read more



Book: Diario de un don nadie

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