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These journals, of which several parts were originally written in English, provide the reader with a unique insight into Pessoa's personal concerns and his daily way of life at different stages, of his material narrowness, of his humanistic, philosophical and literary training. , of his vital intentions, and of the enormous maturity that he demonstrated from an early age. From his recurring feeling of isolation from family, friends and women, scraps of his beginnings as a journalist, as a poet, and also as a translator in commercial offices, his method of literary work, his appreciation of authors such as Antero de Quental or Sá- Carneiro ... Some of these texts belong to lesser known heteronyms such as Charles-Robert Anon, Alexander Search or Fray Mauricio. All this coexists with master pages, sometimes almost aphoristic texts, jewels that deserve to appear next to the rest of his wo...read more


Book: Diarios

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