Dibujo especulativo

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Speculative drawing presents fifteen books - from monographs to translations of essay collections - that have emerged from the Speculative Poetics research platform, granted by Armen Avanessian in 2011. This book offers a somewhat different translation to contemporary speculative philosophy, setting questions in How thought works and how it occurs in drawings or illustrations. How does a poetic thought work that is not about art but about art? Andreas Topfer's drawings in this book are not illustrations to the texts. On the contrary: they need to be read so that the texts can be referred to them. In this sense, Speculative drawing does not provide a shortcut to the theories presented; It does not seek to build a representational relationship between a correct pictorial understanding and a conceptual correlative thinking. Instead, the drawings offer a chance to think about thinking; sp...read more


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Book: Dibujo especulativo

ISBN: 9786079714086