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Bilingual Dictionary Use Spanish-Portuguese, Português-Inglês (DIBU) is made from an innovative concept of bilingual dictionary, by which it attaches great importance to both the semantic equivalence of words and their use in context . The DIBU is the first in Portuguese and Spanish lexicography, written with such general approach.
DIBU recipients are those who need information to and from the Spanish and Portuguese languages. In this sense, students and translators will come to your pages with special interest. The detail of the information that is provided here will satisfy readers searches with different domain of languages, although its basic character has meant that the number of entries hover around 10,000 per language.
The salient features of this work can be summarized in the
following points:
to. It is a dictionary of use, which means giving priority t...read more



Book: Diccionario bilingüe de uso

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