Diccionario de la música y los músicos II (F-O)

Diccionario de la música y los músicos II (F-O) - Mariano Pérez - Akal
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The present pocket dictionary / encyclopedia (three volumes, with a total of 10,000 articles) is an indispensable reference work for all music fans, and extremely useful for students and professionals. Its author, Professor of Music History and researcher, has proposed three fundamental objectives: first of all, to achieve maximum data collection in a minimum space; then, balance the treatments related to music and musicians of the past with due attention to contemporary contributions; Finally, incorporate some names of composers, musicologists and performers that, although relevant to the Spanish and Latin American musical world, are not usually recorded in the most complete foreign dictionaries. This work, despite its condition as an introductory text, has been elaborated with thoroughness and depth, without the inevitable brevity being achieved to the detriment of rigor.


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Book: Diccionario de la música y los músicos II (F-O)

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