Diccionario de regionalismos de la lengua española

Diccionario de regionalismos de la lengua española - Pablo Grosschmid - Editorial Juventud
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Editorial Juventud
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Tapa Blanda

So that you can finally take charge, find out, bite, catch the wave, scare or put on the cabuya, for example what they garlan, cuddle, crack, versan, tabean, jacalean, peel, gossip, chew, carve, gossip, They talk, they comment, they chilean, they chamullan or chamuyan, they editorialize or caratulate the evangelists or the little daughters, the keyboards, spears, hooks, sharecroppers, hands and feet, cheros and old men, brothers and big brothers, curruñas and cuates, ñaños y panas, cuatachos and rooms, shops and chamines, garages, teachers and keys, be they santiaguenses, santiagueños, santiagueros, santiagueses, santiaguinos or santiaguistas, both in had and asados ​​and teas, zahoras, gauchajes and bars, lashes and mingas, had, mingacos, stove, comejeneras, cherales, chorcas, mateadas, balls, bayús, horuelos, boiled and aljamas, or even in agreements and advisory.


Book: Diccionario de regionalismos de la lengua española

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