Diccionario Euléxico

Para expresarse con estilo y rigor

Diccionario Euléxico - Javier Boneu - Editorial Juventud
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Editorial Juventud
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Tapa Blanda

The Euléxico Dictionary constitutes a novelty in the practice of language. It will be very useful for anyone who has to face the writing of a professional report or a short article, a novel, a script or a simple letter. And it will be an essential tool for students in the writing of their work. The Euléxico Dictionary relates more than 1800 nouns with verbs and adjectives that express in a precise way, with style, the actions and qualities of those. Your consultation provides us with a quick guideline to find the appropriate expression of an idea, or the ideal combination of the noun, verb and adjective that communicate effectively. Using language as an elegant means of communication, and perhaps of persuasion, will make The Euléxico Dictionary an easier, more pleasant and enjoyable task.


Book: Diccionario Euléxico

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