Didáctica del patrimonio

Epistemología, metodología y estudios de caso

Didáctica del patrimonio - Roser Calaf Masachs - Trea
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In this book the research conducted by the author collected during his stay at the University of Laval (Quebec) on educational equity, to which both their extensive practical and theoretical experience in the museum field adds. The first part, 'Epistemology', draws on a brief but philosophical, communicative and meaningful psychology genealogy knowledge that are common "cement" to all estates have to do with communication, learning spaces in heritage, and integrated into the ways of teaching. In the second part of the methodology and evaluation are discussed, an outline of research trying to explain the idea of ​​dialogue between school and a museum and research methodology in teaching equity is shown from the perspective of science education is presented . The third part is devoted to a case study, with information on programs in museums. In the fourth part of the book presents the c...read more


Book: Didáctica del patrimonio

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