Disfrutar de la música

Disfrutar de la música -  AA.VV. - Akal
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To fully enjoy music, as in any creation, it is necessary to know the components of its language, its theoretical bases, how they have evolved over time. Do we really know what harmony is? And the sonata form? When is a work considered polyphonic? Are there differences between a baroque orchestra and a romantic one? What's new about Mozart's work? What are the keys to understanding contemporary creation? The reader will find the answer to all this in this magnificent book, a classic that, in its more than fifty years of history, has formed and introduced millions of readers from all over the world in the enjoyment of the musical experience. A book that also accommodates traditionally marginalized areas such as music composed for cinema, popular music or the so-called world music, which are confronted and in fruitful dialogue with prestigious musicians ?? cults ??. Profusely illustrate...read more


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Book: Disfrutar de la música

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