Doctrina social cristiana 

Doctrina social cristiana  - Joseph  Höffner - Herder
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No other manual social doctrine of the Church that has enjoyed much appreciation as Gesellschaftslehre Christliche Joseph Höffner, first published in 1962 and in eight successive editions until 1983, also translated into English, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian and Korean. The secret of success of that work rests on a particular combination of biography and the qualities of its author, historian, theologian, economist, publicist and pastor of the Church. Catholic sociologist of vast scientific and humanistic Höffner was deeply convinced that the Church's social responsibility could only be understood from the foundations of Catholic social doctrine initially drawn by Pope Leo XIII in Rerum Novarum encyclical memorable. The manual presents doctrine gently, sometimes with humor or irony fine points, interweaving the story always sharpness, empirical data and systematic theology more

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Book: Doctrina social cristiana 

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