Don quijote de la mancha

Don quijote de la mancha - Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra - Editorial Juventud
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Editorial Juventud
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Tapa Blanda

Don Quixote's great work is considered a criticism of the so-called chivalry books, very popular in the 16th century, full of fantastic adventures. It symbolizes idealism, represented by Don Quixote, against Sancho Panza's materialism and ironically reflects the virtues and defects of Spanish society. This edition of Don Quixote, prepared and annotated by Martín de Riquer, member of the Royal Academy of Letters, is faithful to the text of the first editions (from the years 1605 and 1615), and contains notes and indexes to facilitate understanding and reading to a wide audience.


Book: Don quijote de la mancha

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