Ecce homo

Ecce homo - Friedrich Nietzsche - Gradifco
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Nietzsche's philosophical theories throw contemporary man at the heart of the totalizing existential problems of man's adventure on Earth. No one has been worse interpreted, more vilified or more praised than Nietzsche since the dawn of our century. he affirmed and showed the need to recast all of the above values and reform the post of truth, beauty and morality, deformed by philosophers and religious to make it unrecognizable. Nietzsche therefore posits a regenerative adventure in which man is or becomes the main protagonist, the tragic but at the same time legitimate hero of the world he has created, in order to achieve an existence bent on finding the tragic and intoxicating value of life. Far from immutability, certainty, uniformity, in the face of the fascinating force of life, where the event, the chance, the variety, the mutation, constitute backdrop and essence. It is more


Book: Ecce homo

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