Edipo rey / Edipo en Colono

Edipo rey / Edipo en Colono -  Sófocles - Gradifco
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The legend of Oedipus is so ancient that it even appears in several works, although the version that has come to us is the one shown by Sophocles in Oedipus King and Oedipus in Colonus. Oedipus came into the world marked by tragedy; an oracle warns Layo, king of Thebes, that he will be killed by his own son, which is why, in giving birth to his wife, Yocasta, he hands the child to one of his servants to let him die on the mountain. Oedipus king and Oedipus in Colonus reveal how the terrible oracle and misadventures that fall upon Oedipus after killing their father and ending their days entangled in the curse of another oracle are fulfilled.



Book: Edipo rey / Edipo en Colono

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