Egocentricidad y mística

Un estudio antropológico

Egocentricidad y mística - Ernst Tugendhat - Editorial Gedisa
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An anthropology always starts from a basic phenomenon. For Ernst Tugendhat is the predicative structure of human language, which he considers as the decisive step towards the manifestation of the human within biological evolution.
This structure implies a series of anthropological characteristics, such as saying "I", rationality, responsibility, the desire to repair injustices, the need for recognition and a sense of self-worth. These characteristics show that the saying "I" orients the speakers inescapably to the morally good. The paradox that Tugendhat emphasizes here is that the incompatibility of the morally good with a full realization of oneself leads to the fact that in the same egocentric place in which "I" is said a space is opened to relativize that I, that is, to the practice of taking a step back and thus evaluating one's intentions.
This possibility of taking more



Book: Egocentricidad y mística

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