Ejercicios frente a la hoja en blanco

Ejercicios frente a la hoja en blanco - Juan Antonio Isla Estrada - Calygramma
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Exercises in front of the blank sheet is a selection of articles published by Juan Antonio Isla in various media during the last years. These texts were written by pen, with the pressure of the closing of the edition, many times with the anguish of finding the precise subject to deal with, with the clock running and the pressure to send the editor the collaboration. A moment of concentration, a quick and attentive reading to a certain relevant note of the press, the illumination of an indefinite muse, the anger for some event, the impact for the death of a friend, the memory of the grandfather, the admiration for an artist that amalgamates art and death, are issues that trigger the writing of these pages. The topic was never absent, but everything started with the vision of the blank page in front of the computer, as a rectangular empty cloud, with its margin of blue sky, as a challen...read more



Book: Ejercicios frente a la hoja en blanco

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