El acelerador de partículas

El acelerador de partículas - Julio Trujillo - Almadía
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In this book, poetry offers a break from the world. Mapping the cracks in the asphalt, looking for the rays of the sun that can seep through the buildings, enlarges the silences that survive in the urban scandal. By naming it he invokes a pause, and his readers enter a microscopic realm where time stands still. This lyrical artifact and experiences contain the intimate landscape where the being recognizes body and consciousness closely united, a photograph where father and son coincide in eternity by grace of love, walks aimlessly but with an unavoidable destination, supermarkets where urgent visions occur. The title of this book offers an image of irradiated molecules escaping at extreme speeds and a key to reading: each poem is an instant overloaded with meaning, vitality, meaning; It alludes to that poetry that we experience and that, although it exists for just a moment, rearrange...read more

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Book: El acelerador de partículas

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