El acontecimiento Sócrates

El acontecimiento Sócrates - Paulin Ismard - Me cayó el veinte
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Me cayó el veinte

The trial of Socrates is one of the most famous images of classical Athens. The medical wars or the marbles of the Parthenon offer us their luminous side; the condemnation of Plato's teacher embodies, for his part, the black legend. The event is frequently presented as the unforgivable failure of Athenian democracy, the proof of an intolerant city persecuting its intellectual elites. On the opposite side, the defenders of Athenian democracy strive to relativize its scope and reduce it to a mere accident, that is, they justify the philosopher's condemnation. Thus, over the years, the judgment of Socrates became the judgment of Athenian democracy and, by extension, of democracy itself. This book undertakes the writing of a history of this democracy in light of the judgment of 399 , but he goes further by studying the different facets of Socratic subversion, which not only includes Socra...read more


Book: El acontecimiento Sócrates

ISBN: 9786077694281