El acoso de las fantasías

El acoso de las fantasías - Slavoj Zizek - Akal
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Our times are infested with ghosts: there is a growing antagonism between the accelerated abstraction process of our lives - be it in the realm of the digital universe or of commercial relations - and the deluge of pseudo-concrete images that surround us. Faced with this situation, traditional critical thinking would have tried to discover the roots of abstract ideas in concrete social reality, but, at present, the appropriate method is the reverse: starting from pseudo-concrete imagery to arrive at the abstract processes that structure our lives. lives. Using examples ranging from national differences in toilet design to cybersexuality and intellectual responses to war, to transgressive sexualities and the music of Robert Schumann, Žižek explores the relationships between fantasy and ideology, the way in which fantasy animates and structures enjoyment while protecting it from its exc...read more


Book: El acoso de las fantasías

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