El acoso de las fantasías

El acoso de las fantasías - Slavoj Zizek - Siglo XXI Editores
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Siglo XXI Editores
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Fantasy with reality keeps a curious relationship of distance and proximity. Ultimately, fantasy creates a scenario where the real horror of the situation is opaque. Such is the Lacanian perspective that governs this entire book. That human oscillation between closeness and detachment from reality occurs in all walks of life, even in love. In our time, the mass media do nothing but support that harassment phantasmatically fantasies that frees us and we aherroja. The film, for example (and the entire book is full of filmic examples of this), gives us the ghostly image of women "whose fascinating presence hides the possibility inherent in the sexual relationship." This raises a subject whose libido secret relates the sublime with the abominable. Nothing more dangerous than excessive openness in love, the manifestation of the spiritual obscene, theoretically allowing us to differentiate ...read more



Book: El acoso de las fantasías

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