El Altar vacío

Un libro ilustrado para debatir sobre la falta de curas

El Altar vacío - Fritz Lobinger - Herder
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Complex ideas can be made more simple and understandable through illustrations, and they can help to shared reflection. The aim of this book is to promote discussion about the shortage of priests today: The solution would be to have two different types of priests? How to do it without causing confusion? What to do to collaborate instead of competing all?_x000D_
Would require changes in the formation of priests today? What role communities?_x000D_
This book suggests questions through the illustrations to help raise awareness of many aspects that are never thought. _x000D_
The answers proposed by Bishop Fritz Lobinger are contained in his book where teams of ordained ministers proposed the figure of the "ordained", people with family and a secular profession but who will work in teams, time_x000D_
part for the community in which they are embedded._x000D_

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Book: El Altar vacío

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