El amor y la muerte

El amor y la muerte - José Luis Corral - Edhasa
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In 1142, at the age of sixty-three, the philosopher, poet and musician Pedro Abelardo died, the "Lion of Paris"; Twenty-one years later, Heloise, his lover and wife, did it. They were buried together in a monastery in Champagne; from 1817 their bodies continue united in the same tomb of a cemetery of Paris.
Eloísa and Abelardo starred in the most dramatic and convulsive love story of all time. They loved each other intensely and as never before had known each other. The castration of Abelardo, instigated by an uncle of Eloísa, ended his carnal passion, but not with his love. Lovers and lovers in a time when love was a category alien to the will of human beings, their passionate relationship has transcended to their own personal tragedy.
José Luis Corral, considered the master of the Spanish historical novel, recreates the human tragedy of these two extraordinary characters...read more



Book: El amor y la muerte

ISBN: 9788435019750