El anarquismo individualista

Lo que es, puede y vale

El anarquismo individualista - Émile Armand - Pepitas de calabaza
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Pepitas de calabaza
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[...] Life is beautiful for those who cross the borders of the conventional, evade the industrial hell and flee away from the unhealthy smoke of the factories and the pestiferous stench of the taverns; for those who disregard the restrictions of respectability, the fears of "what they will say" and vulgar gossip. Life is beautiful for the anarchist. [...] [...] Before a hut, a glass of water and a handful of chestnuts, that work in common with those who do not like. Let the whole civilization perish with its six-story houses, its elevators, its airplanes, its rapids, its wireless telegraphy and its marine monsters of war, if all this increases the dependence of the individual. [...]



Book: El anarquismo individualista

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