El anillo de la verdad

La sabiduría de «El anillo del nibelungo» de Richard Wagner

El anillo de la verdad - Roger Scruton - Acantilado
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The Ring of the Nibelung is undoubtedly one of the greatest works of modern music, and has fascinated critics and music lovers alike for more than a century. No recent work has studied Richard Wagner's masterpiece with the thoroughness and insight of the philosopher Roger Scruton, who not only examines the dramatic and musical aspects, but also the symbolism and philosophy of the Ring cycle. The intimate link between musical and dramatic structure allows Scruton to reveal to us Wagner's unique conception of humanity, for whom the purpose of art was to "show us freedom in its most immediate, contingent and human form, reminding us of what it means to us. ». Dramatizing themes such as love, death, sacrifice and freedom allowed Wagner to show the deepest truths of our condition and thereby renew our faith in them.


Book: El anillo de la verdad

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